D&P Medical Group offers an array of patient-based services, specializing in advanced wound care medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and clinical research trials. Our board-certified staff physicians have fellowship level training and certification in wound care and hyperbaric medicine, and have over 20 years combined experience. Our physicians serve as medical directors for hospital based wound care centers across Western PA and are accessible at numerous locations. Our flagship location at 9000 Perry highway in Pittsburgh, PA is our newest location and actively accepting patients. NO REFERRAL IS NECESSARY!!!

Our clinicians are also active investigators in numerous wound care, hyperbaric, and medical cannabis related clinical research trials. These trials often are able to offer patients access to state of the art, cutting edge treatment options, while not increasing (or eliminating) certain related costs. Our physicians are multi-published clinical research authors, and our ongoing partnership with Serena Group Research Foundation enables us to continue to offer multiple research related treatment options to our patients and clients.

D&P is proud to have partnered with Compassionate Certification Centers to offer PA medical marijuana evaluations and certifications along with CBD consultations. If you are looking for information on obtaining your Medical Marijuana Certification or CBD consultation, please click here.

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